We’re making our online Video Converter available to everyone, for free.

We love videos. Being able to share them in a format of your choice is even better.

Creative professionals and online video editors work with video format conversion tools to output their craft every day. As we continue to work towards creating value for our users, helping them along as they produce wonderful content for broadcast, online and mobile, we’ve decided to make these tools available for free, so that now anyone who wants to convert a video easily can use it.

With HTML5 video growing in popularity, we’re thrilled to offer this powerful video conversion tool once only used by professionals to every one of our user now.

Convert HTML5 Video / GIF in 3 Easy Steps

The free video converter currently allows you to use it as a: mp4 converter, webm converter, and gif converter. Your video will be converted in 3 easy steps: Upload, Convert and BINGO! The converted video arrives in your email.

Convert video to MP4, convert MP4 HTML5 video Video to MP4

Don’t have Adobe Premiere installed? Convert mp4 easily without using any video editing software.

Convert video to WebM, convert WebM HTML5 video Video to WebM

Webm converter to output a HTML5 video for your site. Converts mp4 to webm.

Convert video to Animated GIF, convert video to GIF images Video to Animated GIF

Convert video to gif, convert mp4 to gif without using any online video editor.